Skydiving 2004

Darby's sky diving experience (an awesome anniversary gift from Hilary)! For our anniversary Hilary had me fooled into thinking that we were going to a state park for a little hike and a picnic - I had been hinting that I wanted a GPS so it made sense. On our way to the "park" she told me that there was a skydiving place nearby and that we should stop and see what time they would have a group of jumpers going off so we could watch for them. Sounded good to me. As we walked into the office the lady behind the counter said, "Hi, are you here to jump today?" I opened my mouth to reply but Hilary beat me to it - "Yup!" Puzzled I turned to her and she explained that this was my real present - a tandem dive! I didn't have a clue! This was by far the biggest adrenaline rush I've ever had - I was still "floating" a good hour after I came back to earth. Great gift Hil - but I'm still not sure if I should be worried that you were able to get me into that office before I had any inkling that I was going skydiving. ;)

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